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DJ BLAZE HK and THE TRINI GLADIATA are the COMMON THREADS and are ready to rock Asia this Spring 2014! 



Hong Kong's DJ BLAZE has been smashing dance floors across continents since '98. A maestro of epic club sets, BLAZE skillfully scratches, blends, and loops his way through new club bangers and original remixes, expertly weaving in and out of genres that include hip hop, R&B, soul, dancehall and records from the vast and ever-advancing EDM scene.

Currently featured as BOUJIS HONG KONG’s Saturday night resident DJ, BLAZE has helped propel the night into one of Hong Kong’s most in demand and exclusive party spots. Recent highlights of BLAZE’s other DJ endeavors include him playing for and alongside Usher, The Clipse, Kelly Clarkson, DJ Snake, G-Unit, Nigo, Kardinal Offishal, Ferrari, BAPE, The G-Shock the World Tour, Yves St. Laurent, Salvatore Ferragamo and Playboy Club.



Originally from Trinidad and Tobago and now located in London, UK, THE TRINI-GLADIATA is a true international representative of Hip Hop Culture. A staple in the London Hip Hop scene, THE TRINI-GLADIATA has used his uncanny ability to freestyle lyrics off the top of his head combined with his unique party MC skills to hype shows for some of the world’s most important Hip Hop figures. An impressive shortlist includes DJ Premier, Just Blaze, DJ Jazzy Jeff, 9th wonder, Kenny Dope, and DJ Mr Thing. Globally, he has MC’d and amped up parties across The UK, Canada, USA, Australia, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Trinidad and Tobago and South Africa..

THE TRINI-GLADIATA is guaranteed to rock the party from start to finish no matter the crowd, county or species of partygoer!



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